International virtual currency and other will have two yuan option operation, the world's first virtual currency two yuan options

Bitcoin mall

The first overseas commodity docking platform for the sale of imported cars, the range rover Martha Lahti, Porsche, users can also upload their own goods, charge a fee for each transaction

Bitcoin trading network

Through the acquisition of bitcoin, including cash withdrawals, trading, speculation and other acts of profit

Bitcoin gaming

Bitcoin gaming, bitcoin payment can be a small broad, convenient, fast

CSI foreign exchange information

Provide real high frequency trading data, to ensure the transparency of earnings

High-frequency trading

High infrastructure requirements, capital mobility, short positions, the yield is low, but very stable

High frequency trading (High Frequency Trading) is a human can not reflect the speed of computer trading profits, the number of transactions is very frequent, every time the profit is very small, there is high in wins, computer technology has high requirements of hardware and software combination.

High frequency transactions are generally considered to be highly quantitative and must be implemented with computer technology. High frequency trading in a very short period of time, often quick to buy and sell. High frequency trading is generally a day trading, rarely overnight. High frequency trading is generally low latency trading, the market is very sensitive to the data processing speed and network access speed

Foreign exchange information

High liquidity, the city market, 24 hours of trading, big to small, two-way operation, financial information, risk control to double

Foreign exchange is the exchange of a country's currency into another country's currency, and the use of international credit instruments to another country, in order to pay off the trade and economic relations between the two countries and the formation of the transaction process of creditor's rights and obligations. Various currencies in the international market exchange rate fluctuations frequently, cut in the form of currency transactions.

The main advantage of foreign exchange market is its transparency is relatively high, due to the huge volume of transactions, affect the ability of the main funds on the market exchange rate is limited, on the other hand, the above analysis of exchange rate volatility, can play a greater effect is usually important data released by the government such as GDP, the central bank interest rate senior government officials, speech, or international organization released the news.